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Hello Students. Here write the tale of The Beauty and the beast  (màs extractado) pa k lo copies o lo escribas en tu libreta o lo imporimas y lo pegues, como tu quieras.
Copia, pega, y tradece desuès de hacer una leìda en general.

Once there was a pretty girl named Belle. She loved to read and dream. a hunter named Gaston wanted to marry her, but she did not like him. She dreamed of someday meeting a handsome prince.
Belle's father was an inventor. he was always trying to make things.
one day her father showed Belle a wonderful  new invention.. "I will take it to the fair tomorrow", he said.  "I know you will win first prize,  "Belle said"
Just then there was a big Boom.  It came from the invention.  "It just needs a little more work" , her father said.   Her father worked hard to fix his invention. The next day it was ready, so he started off for the fair. he got lost in the woods. There were wild animals.  The horse was afraids of them. It threw the old man off of its back. Then it ran away with the cart.
Belle found the horse and cart. her father was not with them.
"You must take me to papa," she said to the horse.
She climbed up on its back. Thick fog filled the woods, making it hard to see. Wild animals growled all around, but she rode on. At last she saw a castle.  Belle went into the castle. her father was locked up.
"Oh, Papa"! Belle said. She gave him a big hug.
An ugly Beast in a cape appeared. "I found this man in my castle", The beast said. "Now he is my prisoner".
"Please let him go. I will stay in his place," Belle said.
The Beast made Belle promise to stay with him forever. After letting her father go, the Beast led Belle to her room.  After the Beast left, Belle was amazed to find out that his tepot, clock, and cup coult talk. They told her they used to be servants at the castle. All of them had been put under a spell. Belle was glad to have friends, but she was still sad.
Meanwhile, Belle's father ran back to town, He told everyone about the Beast. But nobody believed him. So belle's father set out to rescue her himself. gaston wanted to rescue Belle. if he saved her, she would have to marry him.
over time Belle learned that the beast was not really mean. he was gentle and sweet, One night she danced with him. Then belle told the beast that she missed her father. She had to go home. The Beast did not stop her.
Back home, Belle took care of her father. gaston came to visit them. he asked Belle to marry him. She said no. Gaston got angry. He could tell that belle's heart belonged to the beast. he convinced the villagers that the beast was dangerous.

Belle and her father rode through the woods as fast as they could. Belle did  not want enymore to get hurt. When they got to the castle, Belle saw Gaston and the Beast.  They were out on a high balcony. gaston was raising his bow. he shot the beast with an arrow.
Belle started crying. She ran up the stairs.
The Beast saw Belle standing there. he picked gaston up by the neck.
"Let me go!"  said gaston.
The Beast put gaston down and told him to go. gaston did not go. he stabbed the Beast in the back. The Beast roared in pain. Gaston stepped back. he slipped and fall of the balcony.
The beast lay in Belle's arms. he was dying. "You come back", he said. "I got to see you once more".
"No"! Do not die," said Belle.  "I love you".
Then something strange and woonderful happened.  In this place  stood a handsome  prince. The Beast had been  a  prince all the time, but he was under a spell. When he loved Belle and she loved him, the spell was broken.
The beast became a prince again and all the enchanted things in the castle turned back into servants.

Belle and the Prince   danced together.
"I'm so happy", said the Prince.                                                                              

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